Monday, 24 May 2010


This sun heat has spanked me to the floor with lethargy. I've just got back after a draining afternoon in the heat. I did errands. I looked sad. I ate a burrito at Wahaca. Wahaca is a Mexican street food place just near covent garden. It's a sitting down place that is sometimes really busy. I've been before and cannot remember what the food was like. Forgettable? Hm. I might have been drunk. Fresh start then.

The lights were low and the place was cool. Ten points. Also no queue. I was feeling brave so I got a michelada. Spicy beer. It tasted like someone had pissed out V8. Will not do again. I prefer the chelada beer I had in LA. Budweiser with CLAM JUICE. I drank that stuff and pretended I was an old Mexican guy so it would be nice and it became nice. I tried the same mental game with this michelada thing but it did not work. I felt very English and dour.

Meanwhile the food had been ordered and got to the table super quick. I had gone for a pork Burrito because it had habaneros. I love those things. The Burrito was toasted so I went in with a knife and fork, bathed in sweat and choked with fear. I haven't done a knife/fork Burrito for a while and only in bad places. All the terrible Mexican themed restaurants I've ever been to flash before my eyes. Sombreros, Jose Cuervo signs and a plastic cactus swirl around in my head until I go blind and collapse in vomit.

There was no need to worry though. The pork was incredible and was wrapped with pink pickled onions. The tart, sweet crunch of the onions meant that the pork wasn't too overwhelming and kept it fresh tasting. The rice and beans mixed really well, no rice wall like at Daddy Donkey. I couldn't really taste the habaneros but picked up the burn. There was habanero table sauce to top up in any case, so I was a happy chap. Half way through I could pick it up and get down to business. It was a little wet underneath but I didn't give a damn. Not one damn. WOLF. I was done. I was stuffed. Maybe too stuffed.

All in all, a very different Burrito to those that I've had previously. Wahaca have tried to nail something more authentically Mexican than the Californian import that you can find elsewhere in London. So yeah, different, but incredibly good. I thought it could have done with more pickled onion to add a little freshness but that was partly down to the heat outside. I wasn't in the zone for heft. Maybe an option to go for a pico di gallo salsa or something would be the key, especially in the summer months. Or some Guac and less meat and rice. I felt a little too stuffed afterwards. I had to prop myself up against lampposts like a drunk Gene Kelly. Other than that, a sweet as heck Burrito, and really well priced (£6.20) for a smart, sit down place.


- great pork
- pickled onions
- good value


- too hefty
- needs some fresh salsa
- couldn't taste cheese

Wahaca Restaurant. 66 Chandos Place, London, WC2N 4HG



  1. Have you checked out Flying Burrito on Middlesex Street (nr Liverpool St)??

  2. It's on the list! I don't get over there very often, but will do asap. Promise.