Monday, 14 June 2010


At 5am this morning I had caught a total of 2 hours sleep. Somehow it was really bright outside, so I took some sleeping tablets to get myself knocked out and dream/nightmaring. It worked! I woke up at 2pm! I woke up and didn't know where I was! This is all thanks to jetlag, the sleep illness of people that go on holiday to different time-zones. My reason for catching this dreadful disease is that I went to LA for a couple of weeks to play some shows with my band BITCHES and also party all the time/eat lots of burritos/Las Vegas/meet strippers.

Yeah! Burritos! I realise that a review of LA Burrito shops isn't particularly helpful and not in keeping with the theme of this blog, so I'll just stick to a quick blast through the best one I ate. My preference for this particular Burrito place is in part due to the fact that I tucked into it about 30 minutes after landing and it was paired with a massive mug of cold as hell beer. So a little unfair. But still the winner. Other places should have got their beer colder and their Burritos nearer.

That's the winner there. El Tarasco. The branch we visited (I think there are 2..) was close to LAX. It had a bright, yellow, plastic and simple interior with an open kitchen in the back. The server had a fantastic moustache. Big ass Tortilla chips were served with delicious, fresh salsa which I could have easily filled up on. Instead I got serious with my greedy hand, duct taped it to my beer and waited for my Carnitas Burrito.

The Burrito was BIG. Guacamole and Pico di Gallo were served up next to the Burrito rather than mixed in. Inside was mainly awesome Carnitas, a lot like the Wahaca Burrito. I liked that it was mainly just meat and a little rice and beans inside the Tortilla, with the Guacamole and salsa as sides. The American style with all the business in one Tortilla is great, but with meat this well cooked it was nice to be able to add my own sides to each forkful.

Check that great meat out. I ate it all somehow. I think I shocked our dining partners, but I was a hungry chap. I'd ordered a Kosher meal on the plane as I'd heard it was better than the regular meal but it was crappy. Burnt Lasagne. If I was actually Jewish I would have exploded with rage and tipped over some trolleys, but I felt I should just put up and shut up and not try and be so damn smart the next time I take an airplane. Anyhow, the closest Burrito it resembles would be the Mexican style Wahaca Burrito. I think El Tarasco edges Wahaca as it came with salsa and guacamole sides, wasn't as stodgy and had better meat. Simple and Great.


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